Consign with The Aspenite!

Our Pricing

We carefully examine your pieces to determine what we feel will sell best in our shop, to give you the most value for your pieces.

We research designer and luxury item value online, to ensure our customers are getting the best deal!


We know quality when we see it - and we use our years of experience in the luxury fashion industry to authenticate your items.

If we feel we cannot authenticate an item, we won't consign it.

Seasonality & Trends

We do our best to consign pieces that feel most aligned with the upcoming and current seasons and trends.

Keep Fashion Circular

Shopping pre-loved clothing, shoes, and accessories is the way of the future for fashion.

We believe every consignment purchase is a step in the right direction toward a more sustainable world.

We will only be accepting your consignment items on Fridays only!

We appreciate your business!

Start your consignment journey!